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Help - The Beatles (Acapella Cover)

  • from: Gizmo
  • uploaded: Feb 20, 2013
  • Hits: 137
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Twitter -!/ToddAndChips
SoundCloud -

So it was a Thursday evening and I didn't have much to do, and then I thought "I'm a pretty rubbish singer with disproportionate facial features, why don't I make a singing video with lots of my face in it?" and after a quick montage with some background music, this video was suddenly on my desktop.

Please leave a like if you appreciate the six hours or so of effort that went into this video (with NO autotune cos I think it's cheating), and I'd very much appreciate it if you could quickly share it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else you use. Who knows, maybe this video is even one of your favourites?
I said, one of your favourites?

Hint hint.

Oh yeah, also do go ahead and subscribe if you want other videos I post to pop up in your feed. I promise* I won't clutter up your feed with pointless videos every five minutes.

*I frequently break my promises.

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