About ChoirTV.com

Discover new and hip videos from the world of choirs on ChoirTV.com!

Whether being an active choir singer or a silent spectator and choral music lover – Showcase your own videos featuring concerts, competition performances and the daily choral life and watch current videos about singing in a choir.

ChoirTV.com is about seeing and being seen: Present your music to the international choral community and have a look at what others are doing. Get inspired by each other and – according to the slogan of ChoirTV.com –
Create the World of Voices!

This is what ChoirTV.com offers:

  • Present own performances and get inspired by others
  • Experience choral music from around the world
  • Find quickly what you’re looking for: Sorting by categories and on-topic channels makes it easy
  • ”Spot On” broadcasts what’s hot on the web right now
  • Community: upload and rate videos, discuss in the forums and join groups to meet like-minded people

ChoirTV.com operator is INTERKULTUR, the leading organizer of international choir events, among them the World Choir Games, the world’s largest international choir competition.

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