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The Philippine Choral Directors Association (PCDA), a non-profit organization of conductors, choristers and choral enthusiasts nationwide, believes in the power of music to bring forth unity in choral musicians and audiences, and in its power to transcend the barriers of race, language, and ideology.


The PCDA seeks to have choral music alive and expanding its influence in Philippine society. We intend to explore the diversity and uniqueness of Philippine choral music and to make quality choral music accessible to all Filipinos.


We operate according to the following fundamental values:

  1. Making a Difference - We recognize the capacity of choral music to bring people together, inspire society, and contribute profoundly to life. We recognize this as our privilege and responsibility as conductors and musicians.
  2. Respect for Diversity - We recognize and respect the diversity inherent in different music cultures. We promote dialogue among the different regions and cultural groups in the Philippines.
  3. Ongoing Development - We develop our organization and members on an ongoing basis, attaining new levels of excellence in our artistry and management.
  4. Ever-Expanding Reach - We continually expand the reach and impact of Filipino choral music in the nation and around the world.

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